Monday, January 7, 2013

Pork Butt Rub

How to Properly Rub Pork’s Butt

Neil Waring

Revered Wyoming Chef, outdoor cooking expert, admired woodsmen, award winning author, retired politician and honored citizen.

I have found that marinating and/or injecting a pork butt is simply a waste of time and space. I do not find any additional flavor by doing this. (My opinion) I know this might be sacrilege to long time Pork Smokers, but it is what I have found in my semi-long and checkered career as a part time meat smoker.

I smoke at 220-250 for two hours with hickory chips and then 2 hours with apple or cherry - finish in the oven or a big-ol’-roaster. Finish at 240ish may take up to 6 or 8 more hours. Keep meat with the fatty side up throughout the smoking and roasting process. (I really like the word fatty, don’t get to use it much- quit trying to picture what I must look like).

Wait someone has a question about their butt ??

 Well, here is the answer - A Pork Butt is actually the Boston Butt cut (maybe a career in cowboy poetry is calling) why it is called that is a mystery to this old cowboy, the cut comes from the front shoulder.

-Here’s The Rub-

ü 2 Tbs Paprika

ü 4 Tbs Light Brown Sugar

ü 1 Tbs Salt

ü 1 Tbs Black Pepper

ü 1 tsp Garlic Powder

ü 1 tsp Ground Coriander

ü 1 tsp Onion Powder

ü ¼ tsp Ground Sage

ü 1/8 tsp ground Clove (we could say dash here)

ü Mix very well before using

-How to use-

Get your butt up to room temperature (about 90 minutes out of fridge)

*Slather your butt with yellow mustard* (about two tablespoons will be enough) then rub the entire butt with the mix. Press it in pretty good and fill any little cavities you find. Do all sides and use the entire rub (this is for an 8-12 lb butt, a pretty big butt actually)

Using the mustard and getting the rub coated well will help create those very tasty burnt ends—if you are a smoker or eater of fine BBQ you know what I am talkin’ about here.

*This is not a late night cable show

Happy Eatin’

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Seriously Though said...

I don't have a smoker and I will probably never make this, but I really enjoyed reading about Rubbing a Pork Butt! ha ha.