Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pepsi Can Chicken

By revered Wyoming chief, outdoorsman, historian, writer and all-around good guy.
Neil Waring

Now before we start this recipe we must explain the Pepsi can stuff. Some old boys refer to this as Beer Can Chicken, but around my place a Pepsi will have to do. Feel free to use Coke also but do not use any of that sissy soda pop like grape or 7-up, gotta be a good cola. I use diet Pepsi, the good stuff.


• Fire up the grill—I like charcoal for this taste sensation. Pour about five pounds of charcoal into the grill, soak with gasoline, step back and toss a match. The charcoal are instantly ready—now that little trick is worth the price of my new cook book— described below. Sorry about your eyebrows and the hair on your fingers or where it used to be.

• Break off a piece of the Aloe Vera (I really have no idea how to spell Aloe Vera, can’t even come close enough to let the spell checker find it) in the kitchen window and rub it on the burns, may need more than one piece.

• Drink about half a can of Pepsi and save the rest for the next step.

• Grab the chicken and cram it, butt down, over the Pepsi can. If it’s frozen, stick it in the microwave on high, for a while and then cram it butt down on the can.

• Set the can, with the chicken mounted on top, on the grill, close the lid, and go back inside to watch some more of the game.

• After about a quarter of the game go out and shake a bunch of salt and pepper on the sizzling bird.

• A little while later go get it and enjoy. No need to cut it up—eat it whole, one bird per person.

• Oh, don’t drink the rest of the Pepsi

My new cookbook, Cooking 'em up Right, is available now for $9.99 and can be found in most Woolworth and Montgomery Ward stores. What a great Christmas gift idea!

Happy Cookin’

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