Friday, January 4, 2013

New Fangled Apple Butter

New Fangled Apple Butter
-Almost like mom used to make

Neil Waring

Revered Wyoming Chef, outdoor cooking expert, admired woodsmen, award winning author, retired politician and honored citizen.

Well another Christmas has come and gone and we have a new year, forgot which one, but it is new.

Look over at the big table in the dining room and what do you see, sure, it’s the same every year a basket full of wrinkling apples. We all love apples at Christmas, but we never eat them, not any more. When we were kids things like apples, oranges and soda pop were treats, not any more, now we have them all the time.

“What do we do with all the left over apples,” Thanks for asking.

 Don’t you hate throwing away or composting something that should have been eaten three weeks ago? Well you can still eat it, maybe not as a crunchy apple, but how about some new fangled, old fashioned Apple Butter?

It’s easy, it’s tasty and it’s really kind of fun to make. (It refers to the Apple Butter)

-Here’s the how and what you need stuff-

·        Apples, as few as 4 or 5 will work, more if you have them

·        Crock Pot

·        Cinnamon

·        Clove (if you like it—I do)

·        That’s it – NO SUGAR NEEDED


ü Peel apples-this is important as peels do not cook down worth a darn and then those little bitty pieces will get stuck in your teeth and you will have to pull them out before you put teeth in a glass of water for the night.

ü Cut your peeled apples into small chunks (about an inch by two) and not more than a ½ inch thick.

ü Put a tiny amount of water in the bottom of the crock pot, just enough to cover—no more.

ü Toss in apples

ü Turn on high for two hours or until apples soften to a state where they can be easily mashed (or if you prefer-smashed)

ü Mash with fork, spoon or potato masher, or you can get in there and walk around, wine making style, if your crock pot is large enough and you are mashing a few thousand apples.

ü Turn crock pot to lowest setting-mix in cinnamon to taste and as much clove as you can stand—too much and it will make your mouth numb, kind of cool really

ü Leave on lowest setting for 8-10 hours (all night?)

ü In the morning turn the setting up and cook all day, checking, stirring and tasting every two hours. (do not let it burn and stick around the edges)

ü When the excess water has cooked off you have apple butter (it’s just applesauce until then)

There you have it an old fashioned treat made in a new fangled way.




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