Monday, February 4, 2013

World's Best Burger - At Home

Wait – what kind of recipe is this? Making a hamburger, everyone knows how, or do they?

Almost everyone makes hamburger at home, so why is it that after eating them so many of us are unsatisfied and dream of a good fast food burger? A burger that in your dream like state tastes better than home made, but do they really? If they do there are several reasons why. And here they are.

Fast food burgers are hot, fresh off the grill, out from under the heat lamp or micro waved just before bagging. At home we fry or grill them, put them aside and do a bunch of other stuff and then –“the burgers are ready,” might as well add, “Cold”.

Other than hot, here are the keys to a - Good Ol’ Home Burger

1.  Buy cheap, really cheap, if you can find them, white buns

2.  Make them thin and fry them hot and fast

3.  Salt & Pepper – No other seasonings

4.  When burgers are finished, set aside; butter the buns and brown in skillet. (after, of course, wiping out the skillet with a paper towel)

5.  Place bun on plate and add your veggies, pickles, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, cabbage, beets, whatever you like

6.  Microwave burger for 20-25 seconds – if you are a cheeseburger type add cheese now

7.  Put burger on bun and now, only now, add the usual condiments, ketchup, mustard or both

8.  Serve – now that is a good burger!

Now I am starting to get a little hungry.



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