Friday, February 8, 2013

Is Pasta Really Bad For You?

With all the discussions about healthy foods vs. unhealthy, thought I would take a look at the much maligned Pasta. Pasta is almost all carbohydrates, and only four calories per gram. That sounds like something that would be very good for you, especially if you are active.  So why all the bad press?

Because most pasta, canned, frozen or restaurant, has too many calories and too much salt in the sauce and too many calories and too much fat in the cheese toppings.  I am exhausted from using the word too so many times. Another bad rap, the servings are too big.

Here is what we can do.

1.    Make pasta at home – come on its pasta, it is about as hard to make as toast

2.   Keep the serving size reasonable (especially if you are like me and head to the freezer for a bowl of ice cream about nine in the evening).

3.   Make your own sauce and keep the salt out, black pepper, paprika and Italian seasoning will make a wonderful and fresh sauce, add any other herbs of your choice

4.   Sprinkle on the cheese – remember it is to add taste – it is not the taste

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