Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy Cooking

Merry Christmas to all and let’s not forget we are blessed every day of the year by friends, family and readers. My wish for you is that this Christmas will be your best ever.
God bless and enjoy the day like none other.

Christmas Stocking Stuffer

 Haul into the house from the wood shed one large lump of coal
 Take coal to workshop
 Strike coal with hammer multiple times
 Pick out the nicest and shiniest pieces –about the size of a golf ball will do
 On Christmas Eve sneak up to the stockings and put one lump of coal in each stocking—except your own—in your own put a roll of shinny new quarters
 Go back to bed and sleep tight
 In the morning act as if you have no idea why Santa would pull such a dastardly deed

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