Thursday, November 19, 2009

Waffles--You Can Even Make Them At Home

Just read where there will be a shortage of 'Eggo' brand waffles for the next year. Wow, can we survive. Today’s recipe—how to make waffles, at home. Yes, it can be done.
By Neil Waring
Revered Wyoming Chef, outdoor cooking expert, admired woodsmen and honored citizen.

Step 1. Pour a bunch of waffle mix in a big ol’ bowl NOTE- it may be called waffle flour, not sure. Anyway I have observed it comes in a big red bag. Five pounders, I believe.
Step 2. Put the bowl of waffle flour/mix under the tap—I prefer cold water—and run some in.
Step 3. Stir (can use a fork or spoon) my wife likes a wooden spoon, I do not, too rough to lick off the excess.
Step 4. Dig around in the bottom cabinets until you find that old black skillet. Trust me on this one, we all have one.
Step 5. Spoon a chunk of shortening into the skillet and turn the burner to high—super high if you have it. NOTE #2 – you can use oil (not the car kind) instead of shortening, but it is more fun to watch that big white glob of shortening skitter around in the skillet. Skitter in the Skillet—that just might be the title of my next cookbook, featuring every thing fried in a big ol’ black skillet.
Step 6. Pour a nice amount of the waffle batter into the skillet, when it starts bubbling like crazy, flip it. I like to grab the skillet handle and flip.
Step 7. Eat your delicious pancake while you pour the mix over and over again into the aging and little used waffle maker. Unless you have a Waring Waffle maker—they are the best.
Step 8. Don’t forget the syrup, Maple only.

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