Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Toast--how to make it and other stuff

Yea I know anyone can make toast. Really well here is the recipe.

Take two pieces of white bread. Put in toaster and slide the toaster lever down and wait for the bread to cook. Or does it bake or burn or something? Wait for the toast to pop up (how does it do that) and you are ready to go. If you smell something burning push the little button on the side of the toaster and you may be able to save the toast.

Now the important part or should I say most important?

Toppings/spreads and buttery stuff for the toast

While the toast is still warm spread raspberry jelly, not jam. And here is the cool deal, only need to spread the jelly on one side and nothing on the edge—it’s ready to eat. If you prefer jam to jelly just take the two pieces of heavily jellied toast and JAM them together –sorry for the toast humor, I couldn’t help myself.

Time to recap
1. white bread
2. slide toaster lever down and insert bread—remember, its not toast yet
3. Do not put mustard on toast
4. Jelly, not jam, raspberry because it is some fine tasting berry like stuff
5. Enjoy anytime of the day or even at night
6. Never ever put pop tarts in your toaster


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