Friday, March 27, 2009

-My own famous Chile Powder-

By famed and loved Wyoming Chef, historian, award winning writer and all around good guy—all right, all right, I admit I wrote that about myself but this is some really good Chile Powder—a true chef never say’s yummy.

Wyoming Chile Powder (this is a secret recipe do not let it out of your site—if you use this powder in a Chile cook-off you will be disqualified for making God like Chile in a mortal contest)

This Chile powder can be modified for your own truly unique flavor—now do not—do not—get carried away as some lesser Chile cookers do and clean out the fridge adding left over corn, potatoes, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms or whatever else you find in the refrigerator to your Chile. Those things were left over for a reason –no one wanted to eat them, put them in the compost because the dog isn’t going to eat veggies. When the powder is this good don’t mess up the Chile.

Now this is step by step, you might want to rip this part out and pin it with one of your refrigerator magnets to the range hood where you can see it – real good.
Making the Chili Powder--Take two or three dried chilies, find them in any super market in little plastic bags over by the peanuts and grapes—WARNING—DO NOT POP ONE OF THESE PEPPERS IN YOUR MOUTH AS YOU DRIVE HOME FROM THE GROCERY STORE UNLESS YOU HAVE ADEQUATE SUPPLY OF DR. PEPPER WITH YOU.

I like poblanos (Chile’s) they are mild but have great flavor. Grind them up (now how you do this is up to your personal preferences but I like those little choppers for about twelve bucks, you can use the Waring Blender but when the wife makes a strawberry smoothie it may not taste quite the same as BP, before Peppers) ***makes about 3 tablespoons (however much that is)

The Powder

3 tablespoons

Your ground poblanos (the peppers—remember)

1 teaspoon
Cayenne pepper to taste, start with only some, add as needed

2 teaspoon’s

Add Cumin to taste—careful with this stuff it will fire-up the taste

One or a couple of spoons of garlic powder
2 teaspoons

Black Pepper
1 teaspoon

Oregano—to taste
2 teaspoon’s

Celery Seed—yes celery seed
1 teaspoon

Ground Sage
1 teaspoon

1 teaspoon

Add 3 pounds of brown gravy mix ********* just kidding

Put the above ingredients in a brown paper bag and shake the hell out of it—pour it into your popcorn bowl and scoop into shaker. Buy one of those big ol’ shakers at the dollar store. Get this, for only a dollar.
If you are bad at math the above mix will make about 7 tablespoons of Chile powder depending on how good you are at measurin’ and spillin’.

Feel free to multiply this recipe by any number you wish and make a really big jug-o-powder.

Happy Eatin’


Helen Ginger said...

Thank you. Seriously. I wondered what went into chili powder.


Sheri Webster said...

Sounds awful good. Might have to give it a try. Thanks for the fun read...