Friday, December 29, 2006

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              Can A Country Man Cook Thanksgiving Dinner?




Neil Waring

Revered Wyoming Chef, outdoor cooking expert, admired woodsmen and honored citizen.


Thanksgiving Turkey

     Thanksgiving is one of America’s favorite holidays. Thanksgiving was started with disco in the 1980s because there were a lot of turkey farmers with too many turkeys and not enough turkey eaters. So these very same farmers started a holiday called turkey day - but people didn’t seem to think a holiday should be named after a big dumb bird so the farmers started giving away their birds and people said thanks and thanks-giving was born. I believe it started in March of 1981 but was soon moved to November because there really was not much to be thankful for in March and November had football.

    HOW TO- Get a Wal-Mart brand turkey (how do they sell all that stuff so cheap?)  Set it on the dinning room table for a couple of days to thaw. On thanksgiving morning get up real early and cut the turkey from the plastic it’s wrapped in. Put turkey in a big ol skillet and cover with tin foil. Place in oven pre-heated as hot as she will go. After a few beers pull er out of the oven and cover with salt, pepper, butter and diet coke. While you have it out pull the plastic sack of giblets out of the turkeys butt and giveit to the dog. NOTE- Giblets are stuff no one eats but they send along with the turkey so you will be charged for another pound. Leave turkey in oven till done or smoke starts coming from the oven. Place on a large paper plate and let everyone have at it. Now that’s not so hard is it?    Happy Eatin!

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