Saturday, December 15, 2012

Retire and Take Up Smoking

At the young age of 64 I have became a smoker—no not that kind—the other kind.

For years I have wanted to try smoking meat but never wanted to invest the time and effort to learn and do.  This summer I bought an inexpensive smoker* for my retirement and have tried, beef, pork, chicken and turkey so far. I have had more hits** than misses** although some of my work was not of an award winning nature.***

I have now found dozens of good sights to learn about smoking meat and pick what I think will work best for me and go from there. I have now developed my own dry rubs (this took a little time and experimentation).**** This week I am looking into brining**** and will attempt to make summer sausage and Canadian bacon next week for Christmas. Wish me luck!*****


*Only looked at Wal-mart, K-mart and Menards (everything is cheap in these stores) didn’t want to say cheap smoker in the above post because that makes me look – well- cheap.

**Hit meaning we ate at least some of it, miss meaning we tossed it out and the raccoons left it alone

***I have never actually won a cooking award but I dream about them sometimes

****This means I spent a small fortune and threw out a lot of good spices – WARNING-most online recipes for rubs include Chili Powder, leave it out. The good rubs don’t use it. Unless you are rubbing it on your chili, then of course rub-it-in.

***** I need it and I like the look of ***** in a post, kind of dresses it up.

Oh and Ho, Ho, Ho and Merry Christmas

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