Sunday, January 1, 2012

Buttered Noodles Chicken Parmesan

Just For Fun Easy/Crazy Cooking from Wyoming
Neil Waring Revered Wyoming Chef, outdoor cooking expert and not bad in the kitchen either, admired woodsmen and honored citizen.

Buttered Noodles Chicken Parmesan   - One of my favorites—this is good and meets my number one requirement, its quick!

Ingredients (my stuff list)

One can of chicken chunks - (yes, you purist types can use chicken breasts, frozen or fresh, just chunk up about a can full and get started.

Noodles - The hard, cheap, crunchy kind – nothing like the ones grandma used to make.

Butter – I like the unsalted, but I am an old guy, do not substitute margarine. Remember when we called it oleo? Some of the new better butter substitutes might work here.

Salt, Pepper, Sage, and Celery Seed – all to taste, go easy with the celery seed first time around.

Parmesan Cheese – fresh or as fresh as you can find it, PLEASE, none of the dry powder Parmesan from the pizza places, even if it was free.

Boil three or four handfuls of noodles to the al dente stage, (Not too hard, not mushy) to check, take out one noodle and throw at the nearest wall, if it sticks, should be about right – If your spouse is watching you might try just biting a noodle, if it tastes good, go with it-should have a tiny bit of white in the center. Note don’t forget to add salt and some oil to water, and use a big ol’ pan so the stuff won’t stick together.

While the noodles are boiling, open the can of chicken, pour off the liquid and rinse the meat. Not sure where they get the juice the chicken is in or even what it is. Remember mystery meat in the old high school cafeterias? This must be mystery chicken juice. Put chicken in very hot skillet and brown lightly to remove the rest of the nasty mystery liquid. Melt half a stick of butter –or more or less- in a big ol’ soup bowl in the microwave. This is fun the butter will pop and splatter all over the inside of the microwave, very cool. Might want to cover it to save the marriage.

Drain noodles and season with the four great Wyoming spices listed above, pour butter over and mix good - sprinkle parmesan cheese and cover with chicken. Eat and enjoy – this is good; serve with ice cold Pepsi, Coke or tea.

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Patsy said...

We don't have canned chicken in mystery juice over here. I'm not at all sure we're missing anything.