Monday, January 24, 2011

Looking At Other Cooking Blogs

Been traveling through a bunch of cooking blogs the past few days, know what I found—a lot of stuff I would never eat. Who really cooks like this at home?

I want good food that does not take much time. Oh- and not from a box or package from the freezer section. Over the years my wife and I have found some swell stuff we can put together in only a few minutes. I don’t actually use the word swell but thought it sounded funny. Back to the subject-quick good food in a reasonable time-

My next three blogs—maybe four, will cover my favorites.

Can’t hardly wait, can you?

Happy eating

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Gayle Martin said...

Some of them can be odd indeed, but it's interesting looking at recipes posted by food bloggers in other parts of the world. Granted, I would never eat most of it either--not that it's bad, but because I'm totally unfamiliar with it. That doesn't mean I won't do some experimenting, but I stay with ingredients that I know. I suppose that might make me a food snob to some, but when you have food sensitivities or allergies you have to be more careful.