Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Wanna-diet

By Neil Waring
Revered Wyoming Chef, outdoor cooking expert, admired woodsmen and honored citizen

Wow, am I glad to be back in a normal eating mode. Thanksgiving makes me think I am the guy in the television show, “Man Vs. Food” then I need to recover and get back to normal eating. My wife and I had a discussion of what kind of diet we follow. Must be something mid-western. She is from Oklahoma and I am form Nebraska, I guess that is why we live in Wyoming now. I don’t even know what that last sentence meant.
So here it is our normal Mid-western stuff diet: burgers, pork chops, pot roast, pizza, pasta, French bread, biscuits, BLT’s, soups, raw veggies, pastries, diet soda and unsweetened tea, lots of desert and once in a while some fast food. Sounds like the regular guy diet to me. Hope my wife does not read this; it may be just my wanna-diet.

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