Thursday, February 11, 2010

Old Fashioned Cobbler

Can an old school teacher cobbler it up in the kitchen? -Maybe-
Neil Waring
Revered Wyoming Chef, outdoor cooking expert, admired woodsmen, award winning author, retired politician and honored citizen.

Decided to try my hand at baking last week, actually I used both hands, except when I was on the phone.
Made a multi-berry cobbler and it was good enough to eat. When I remember all the stuff I put in it I will post here but for now this is what I remember.

1. I used several white things, flour, sugar and corn starch, don’t remember using any milk so this may be all the whites.
2. Frozen berries—quite a few
3. Spicy stuff—some cinnamon and clove and something I believe was called all-spice, whatever that is.
4. A few other things that I do not remember but they helped out the taste. Pick out a few of your own.
5. Cook, ur I mean BAKE at 350 or 450 degrees for a while but not a long while.
6. Top with lots of ice cream and enjoy

Total calories depend on how big the serving is and how much you eat, varies from ten or fifteen calories to eleven or twelve thousand.

Happy Eatin’

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